PLD Rentals Values Its Customers

PLD Rentals partners with various Dealers in order to reach a wide range of Customers. PLD Rentals wants to provide a storage solution to every customer by offering an affordable monthly payment with various payment term options to best fit the needs of our Customers. Customer satisfaction is top on our priority list and we strive to satisfy our Customers changing needs.

We want our Customers to be able to avoid the worries that go along renting an offsite storage space. That is why PLD Rentals offers Rent to Own which is a great solution to having your storage in your back yard with a payment that will go towards ownership of your building. After the terms of your agreement you will not have to make another payment again and we also offer early payoff discounts on your agreement.

PLD Rentals also provides a quick and easy approval because of our No Credit check Guarantee. This allows our Customers to order their building the day they visit a Dealer Sales Site and have it delivered within weeks of purchase. We also want to make sure our Customers can get the building they want at a price they can afford so we offer payment terms of either 36, 48, or 60 Monthly Payments on all buildings.

Benefits To Our Customers

Early Payoff Options

PLD Rentals offers all customers the Option of paying off their building early and saving a minimum of 40% on the total rent to own price of their building. Customers are allowed to make this option as early as after the first four monthly rental payments are made.

No Credit Checks

PLD Rentals guarantees that no Customer will have a credit check when purchasing a building Rent to Own. This allows Customers to not have to worry about being denied a building purchase when deciding on Rent to Own.

Instant Approvals

PLD Rentals allows for Customers to be approved instantly once they fill out the Renters Application. By having this feature Dealer Sales Sites don't have to wait on financial institutions to approve the purchase. Every Customer is approved for a Rent to Own purchase once they fill out their application and make their security deposit and first rental payment.

Various Terms, Affordable Rental

PLD Rentals offers payment terms of either 36, 48, or 60 months. This allows our Customers to be able to choose the building they want and then find the payment amount that works best with their needs based on our various terms.

Payment Options

PLD Rentals offers multiple payment options to make your Rent to Own purchase easy. Customers can pay by cash, credit card or a direct ACH debit from their bank account. These payment options are used at the time of purchase and/or can be used when making monthly rental payments.

To ensure payments are never late and avoid late penalties, PLD allows Customers to setup recurring monthly payments using a credit card or ACH debit. Customers can also make payments 24 hours a day via our website or by calling our office during regular business.
For more information on getting started with your Rent to Own Building purchase with PLD Rentals contact a Local Dealer today!


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