About PLD Rentals

What is Rent to Own?
Rent to Own is an opportunity for customers to be able to purchase a building from a local manufacturer and make monthly payments on the building for a set term instead of paying the full cash price at the time of purchase. Once all the payments have been made in the set term then the customer owns the building and does not have to make another payment. This allows the customer to have storage options at his/her home and to be able to eliminate continuous and never ending storage facility rental fees.

We here at PLD Rentals are the Rent to Own company that works with the local manufacturers to setup the rental agreements. We do not build the buildings but rather allow the local manufacturers we work with to be able to offer Rent to Own options to all potential customers.

PLD Rentals Mission Statement
PLD Rentals take a hands on approach toward every aspect of our business in order to build relationships with our Dealers and Customers in order to provide quality personal service. We work with our Dealers to promote business building strategies to capitalize on growth opportunities and we continually strive to provide more solutions for our Customers in to order to satisfy changing needs.

Background on PLD Rentals
PLD Rentals is family owned and operated by personnel who have over eight years of experience in the Rent to Own business. This experience has allowed for PLD Rentals to grow with their Dealers and assist their Dealers in promoting business opportunities. PLD Rentals works with its current Dealers to enter into new states, set up new lots and to offer various rental terms in order to aid in sales for each Dealer.

A Rent to Own business is not grown by the actual company processing the rental agreements but it is grown by the Dealers and the Customers who support it.


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